Spending the night in a haystack cottage

Slapen in een hooiberg

In the past the haystack was a detached building for storage of hay, straw and corn which was used for feeding the cattle in winter. The Dutch version of a haystack is rather unique. It consists of four to six wooden poles with a thatched roof which can be moved up and down.

The haystack has always characterized the agricultural landscape. Due to other storage methods the construction seemed to disappear, but fortunately the cultural-historic value of this construction was acknowledged built in the USA nowadays.

De Reggehooiberg is an inventive tribute to the haystack. On its corners four solid wooden poles are situated, also called ‘Roeden’, with, in between, walls made of nostalgic (thick, dark) planks in traditional gunwale and a reed roof on top. Windows and doors link up with the agricultural architecture perfectly. Its entire design and construction has an authentic look. An example: For the reed roof construction exceedingly strong mortise and tenon joints were used, just like they did in the old days.

Slapen in een echte hooiberg

L-shaped living room on the ground floor, open kitchen and bathroom with shower and toilet. Folding garden doors with access to the terrace with lounge chairs, where you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning or relax in the sun. Through a spiral staircase you will reach two cosy, furnished bedrooms.

Regge haystack are fully furnished and fitted with all modern conveniences. Kitchen with oven/microwave and dishwasher. Bathroom with sauna- or steam cabin.

Its interior has, of course, a rural character. Regge haystacks are unique, exclusive accommodations. On each location you will only find max. 2 haystacks, in private, sheltered surroundings. Check the Regge haystack in 3D View. (It concerns the Regge haystack at De Langenberg).











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